Treasure Chest

Breasts: size and shape are only tissues—shame and fear our lifelong issues.

Now, learn to treasure your chest, to live life in joyful self-acceptance.

Are you “Booby Trapped”? Most of us—men AND women—are fascinated and fixated by breasts. Unfortunately, society is only too happy to support both our fantasies and our frustrations, with often devastating effects. No matter what your size or shape, join Dr. Nili Sachs in this warm, witty and somewhat wild look at your Treasure Chest. Discover how we can each experience ourselves as truly feminine, nurturing and strong … on our own terms!


  • Understand how and when society became so preoccupied with breast size
  • Let go of ideals about size and shape
  • Bust free of the 10 most common myths regarding sexuality and breasts
  • Recognize which breast issues are blocking your potential right now
  • Find out if you’re blaming your breasts for what’s not working in your life
  • Appreciate the fears surrounding breast cancer and recovery
  • Recognize the impact breast cancer may have on intimate relationships
  • Discover the true source of your own sensuality and sexuality
  • Enjoy great leaps in total self-acceptance

“Dr. Nili Sachs is a treasure! Rarely in my experience does anything fulfill its representation. Treasure Chest has exceeded its promise.” —Michael Garnett, Manager Leverage Management, Los Angeles

    “Nili’s teachings and tools changed my life. I want everyone to experience her wisdom, wit and insight.” —Valen Watson, Senior Vice President Ayzenberg Health Ayzenberg Group, Los Angeles

      “It’s so important to our Education Program to have instructors like you. Bravo!” —Judy Puhl, Staff Vice President Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors

nili sachs, ph.d. SPEAKER, AUTHOR, THERAPIST Nili Sachs’ expertise is human sexuality and couples counseling. She has spent more than 25 years helping women and men flourish in their intimate relationships and has an extraordinary take on our latest body fascination—breasts. Don’t miss this refreshing, fun-filled presentation, packed with practical ideas and experiences for women—and men—of all ages.

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Booby Trapped
Treasure Chest

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